Hey Collaborators! Before we all head out for the long weekend, let’s take some time to recognize another one of our fantastic Collab members: Terry Ledden of Sandler Training!

Do you want predictable, consistent sales results—every quarter, every month, every day? You need a systematic, comprehensive approach, and a trainer who can also be a trusted advisor, partner & consultant.

All Sandler trainers have had highly successful careers as sales and management professionals use the Sandler sales methodology in their mission to train and mentor others to be successful, whereas other companies employ trainers who may have never actually sold or managed.

The Sandler sales methodology fosters an attitude of leadership, rather than just emphasizing technique. Reinforcement training facilitates the development of new and empowering behaviours, attitudes, and sales skills, mapping a unique road map to lasting success.

We encourage you to follow Sandler Training on Twitter: twitter.com/sandlertraining
…and to also check out their website here!