At a very young age I had the entrepreneurial spirit. I started my first business when I was 4 years old as a subcontractor to my brother’s paper route. I was paid 10 cents & a bag of chips every Friday and I felt like a big shot.

Over the next 40 years I turned revenue streams and profit development into an art form across a variety of industries. I developed a cross section of successful business platforms and sales strategies for numerous business leaders. It is always exciting to work with small business owners and their executive teams. I understand that we all want to leave a sustainable business legacy.

Over the course of my consulting career certain truths were revealed:

  • A comprehensive Business Plan provides structure for growth
  • A clear Profit Development strategy frees executives to focus on business growth opportunities.
  • An open mind that shares information and listens effectively is the path to superior and sustainable business relationships.

In order to fill these foundational needs at a Startup level I have founded the Collaborative Business Community in the west end of Ottawa called Collab Space. Executive knowledge should be available to all Startups; not just those that can afford it.

Collab Space engenders the philosophy that we are all stronger together. Members and Mentors are sharing best practices in transparency while strategically aligning for growth. Collab Members appreciate the exceptional level of education and structured collaboration. Members benefit from the strength in numbers by sharing ideas, resources and solutions.

Collab Space has strategically aligned with successful Mentors and Partners to raise the bar on “take away” education. Collab Space is the perfect business growth solution for Small Business Service Providers in Ottawa. We provide a warm supportive work environment that welcomes anyone who is driven to succeed.