Small Business

By Christina P Apr 12, 2019

I Have a Small Team

  • I have a team of 2-5 employees currently meeting in coffee shops across our city.
  • While we’re good at working individually, there’s room to grow when it comes to working together and building a unified team culture.
  • We’re looking for an affordable workspace or office to call home so we can continue to create, innovate, and collaborate on our business.
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How Can Collab Space Help?

Professional Workspaces

Our office spaces are perfect for a team in search of a more professional environment to meet with clients. As a member of Collab Space, you’ll have access to shared and private workspaces to suit your business needs.

No Contract Clause

At Collab Space, our collaborative workspaces allow you to build team unity and a company atmosphere. With a no contract clause, you could meet in the same workspace or switch up your location based on your business needs.

Promotional Support

We believe promotion is key to ensure the growth of any business or company. That’s why we provide promotional support to our members. Whether it’s through our networking events, roundtables, or online promotion to our network, we are just as committed to the growth of your business as you are.


We offer a flexible work schedule. Come and go as you choose with our 24/7 office spaces.


Community Membership

Includes business mailing address, discounted affiliate services and free entry to networking events.

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Collab Membership

Includes unlimited 24/7 access, free parking, coworking office, plus 10 hours of free meeting room bookings.

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Private Desk

Includes unlimited 24/7 access, free parking, dedicated space, plus 15 hours of free meeting room bookings.

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Benefits of Membership

At Collab Space, our membership packages are uniquely curated to ensure business success. We provide more than just a place to work; we also offer workshops, mentorship, as well as promotional opportunities for your business.


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