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Deck The Halls Stress Free and Jolly

Dec 10, 2018 7:00 PM

Here is your greatest opportunity to release stress and overwhelm.

These old troublemakers have been hanging around for way too long.

Come and meet the person who will help you overcome this old issue and prepare to say so long to these too tired, not so friendly companions.

Your Guide has been living in chaos, conflict, and consumption and has been living stress-free for over 10 years, by transforming his own inner world and seeing every negative opportunity as a key to personal growth.

This experience will be something more than you have adventured before!

You will leave feeling more free and productive.

Make the greatest investment you can ever make in yourself for just $97!

You can learn how you stress yourself, how to let that go, how overwhelm works and how to release it completely.

This event will be a real game changer and you will gain more, and feel freer than you can imagine.

This will be a small Funshop exercise of only 12 participants.

Get your tickets quick while they last.

Do you know someone who would really LOVE to release their stress and overwhelm?

Give them this great gift of personal freedom.

This is not your average stress management seminar!

It is your freedom opportunity….it’s the gift that keeps on giving!